Shots of Africa

After a quick scroll through the posts on my blog site, it became blindingly clear that I have been extremely lax at posting as often as I should. Despite all the good intentions, time and places seem to pass without getting a mention. The plan was to post the majority of photos on the website, however I have come to the realisation that the vagaries of Word Press are simply beyond me. Perhaps it is a better idea to simply post more photos on the much easier to use blog.

With that in mind, I realised that I have very few shots of some of my favourites trips to Africa. Below are a selection of shots from my various trips to Tanzania and South Africa. These trips were definitely worth more in-depth stories but these stories are better written at the time and not down the track. The photos themselves are the most important thing and I decided to simply add a selection here. Hope you enjoy them.

Pride male with his cubs in Balule Game Reserve … South Africa

Balule Game Reserve.

Wildebeest wondering whats down the road.  Manyeleti Game Reserve … South Africa

South Africa 2015-2195-Edit

A female hyena nursing her cub in Balule Game Reserve … South Africa

South Africa 2015-2082

This big male leopard had fought a fierce battle to claim this big warthog.

The slash on his head tells the tale.

South Africa 2015-1860-Edit

African Wild Dogs in Balule Game Reserve … South Africa

South Africa 2015-2009-Edit

Frolicking ellies in Kruger National Park … South Africa

South Africa 2015-1610

Juvenile male lion in Tarangire National Park … Tanzania

South Africa 2015-1793-Edit

Lion cub, Manyeleti Game Reserve … South Africa

South Africa 2015-1922-EditThis male Cheetah and his brother were resting before a hunt at Zululand Rhino Reserve … South Africa.

South Africa 2015-1287-Edit

Down for a drink in a waterhole at Zululand Rhino Reserve … South Africa

South Africa 2015-1202-Edit

A very relaxed male leopard at Balule Game Reserve, this guy was literally 3 meters away and really didn’t care … thankfully.

South Africa 2015-1822

Baby Baboons playing in Kruger National Park … South Africa

South Africa 2015-1762

First hand experience of the tragedy of poaching. Hluhluwe Imfolozi National Park … South Africa. 

South Africa 2015-1069

Black & White !! Kruger National Park … South Africa


The cycle of life … Serengeti National Park … Tanzania


A rare daytime sighting of a hunting Servil. Ngorogoro Crater … Tanzania


Cape Buffaloes, Isimangaliso Wetlands Park … South Africa


Grazing White Rhinos, Isimangaliso Wetlands Park


Yawning Hippo, Kosi Bay … South Africa


Sani Pass … Lesotho.


Collecting firewood on the Sani Pass


My mates lovely gardener Sinhle, Durban … South Africa


Breeding Ellie herd, Ngorogoro Crater … Tanzania

Ngorogoro Crater ... Tanzania.

Bantu lady … Lesotho


Boabab tree, Tarangire National Park … Tanzania

Boabab ... Tarangire ... Tanzania

Roller … Serengeti National Park … Tanzania

Blue Roller ... Serengeti ... Tanzania

Manyara National Park … Tanzania


Relaxing Lions, Serengeti National Park … Tanzania


Zebras, zebras and more zebras. Tarangire National Park … Tanzania


Black Rhino, Manyeleti Game Reserve … South Africa

South Africa 2015-9138-Edit

Kruger National Park … South Africa

South Africa 2015-9296 copy

Lappetfaced Vulture … Serengeti National Park … Tanzania

Tanzania Originals-369

So there you have it, a few long overdue African wildlife shots. I really hope I get to go back there again before long. Namibia, Botswana and Ethiopia have long been on my list. Its something everyone should do, once in their lifetime at least 🙂




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